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“The Joy of Losing Your Job” with Christina DeOliveira

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“The Joy of Losing Your Job” with Christina DeOliveira

It is estimated that approximately 20,000 people lose their jobs every day in the U.S. On paper this is just a number and one that may not mean much to you. “That’s a lot, you may think,” and your mind goes on to think of something else that impacts you more at the moment. But think about that person who was fired or caught in a downsize. If they have not been able to save for hard times, how do they pay their rent? How do they buy food for their family? How do they put gas in the car? Where can they find another job? What will they do? Imagine the panic that sets in when you don’t have an answer to those questions. On this show we’re going to talk with Christina de Oliveira who experienced this. After 24 years with the same company, she was caught in a downsizing. What she did is remarkable. Losing your job could happen to anyone. Listen to hear her remarkable story.

About Christina

Christina de Oliveira is an author, speaker, certified professional coach and a consultant. She is the Founder and President of Performance Continuum, a consultancy whose work centers on helping businesses achieve sustainable results through their most valuable asset—their people. Christina is also the Founder and President of David’s Gift: The Education Alternative—a non-profit, 501c3, created to serve disadvantaged, inner-city, high school seniors by providing scholarship money to achieve their dream of attaining higher education. She is the author of “The JOY of Losing Your Job: HOPE After the Blood, Sweat and Tears” which she wrote following a corporate downsizing after 24 years at the same company. She has a very unexpected message of hope.

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