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Who are you?

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Who are you?

Who are you?

How well do you know yourself? You are aware of your body and your mind but are you aware of that part of you that is your eternal spirit or Self? You may have some knowing of this part of you but do you know how to connect and communicate with the spirit/self part of you in a way that helps you live a satisfying and fulfilling, purpose-driven life? Indira Dominguez has written “YOU: A spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey: A New Paradigm for Living Life” that teaches you how to know yourself as an eternal spirit or “self” in a way that allows you to complete the journey you are here in this lifetime to fulfill. Today we are going to talk about how to connect to the Self and how to use this connection for your own fulfillment and joy. Our guest will discuss how connecting to your “Self” provides the answers to live a better life, as well as allowing for a peaceful, stress-free way of experiencing that life. www.indiratoday.com

About Indira Dominguez

Indira Dyal-Dominguez has delivered programs to develop others to be their true selves for over 20 years. Through years of meditation, rebirthing, self-healing, and experiencing herself and others as a force of energy, Indira has brought forth the ability to Connect to her inner Self and teach others to do the same. Through her workshops, individual and group programs, and the corporate seminars she developed with her husband Paul—Indira has personally coached, and trained thousands of people, giving them access to pursue and fulfill their purpose and their dreams. Visit her online at: www.indiratoday.com



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